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Pink Amethyst DT 5

Pink Amethyst DT 5


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❀ Size: 3.74 x 0.84 inches
❀ Origin: Brazil
❀ Chakra: Heart
Pink Amethyst - The Stone of Emotional Balance and Overall Peace
❀ Aids in self love and acceptance of others
❀ Maintains emotional balance and peace
❀ Ability to boost intuition and bring clarity
❀ All crystals in my shop are natural crystals; some in their natural raw form and some that were once raw and later hand-polished by amazing vendors.
❀ The clarity and quality of each piece reflect price.
❀ Some crystals may display minimal imperfections and flaws. Any big imperfection will be noted in the details and shown in the images.
❀ I am not a licensed professional. All crystal information is based off my personal experience and research. The use of crystals is not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Please contact your Health Care Provider if you seek medical attention.
❀ Pictures are never color edited and taken with a studio light and iPhone 11 Pro Max camera. Please allow for some color variations on pictures. Some lightings may wash out certain colors.
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