About Us

Welcome to Meiv Market!

Thank you for being here, I am so grateful for the support and love you all have shared with me and the connections I have made this past year!

About the Owner

Signs: Capricorn - Virgo Moon - Virgo Rising

My name is Leah-Mei, but I prefer to be called Leah (lay-uh). I'm a full time IT Administrator with a passion for minerals and healing. My goal in my healing journey is to open up my mind, heal past and current trauma, and switch to a more positive mindset. My passion for crystals, in general, grew when my favorite 3rd grade science teacher taught us about different formations of rocks and stones. From there, I always thought crystals were beautiful but only discovered their ways of healing just a few years ago! For the most part I am a one woman show, which can be overwhelming at times, but my boyfriend, Randall, continues to encourage me to see my higher self.

About the Shop Name

Name Origin: My shop name is very personal to me. Randall named my shop similar to his after market keyboard page he loves (mechmarket). He figured it would fit my name very well! (Part of first name Mei - my last name initial is V ).

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe and positive place for you to shop and in the crystal community. I would be honored to have my carefully selected crystals become a part of your healing journey.

Leah + Randall